Mission statement


The Jesuit Archive in Canada witnesses to the activity of all the Jesuits who worked in Canada and its foreign missions since the arrival of the first companions in 1611. It recalls the memory of their living faith, of their efforts, of their spiritual values, and of their institutions.

The Archive serves the ongoing administration of the two Canadian Provinces, that of French Canada and Haiti and that of the Jesuits in English Canada. Its role is also to ensure the acquisition of documents, books, and works of art as well as appropriate historical artefacts relating to Canadian Jesuit history; to conserve them; to render them accessible, and to make them known.

The Archive provides a welcoming and comfortable site for researchers, rich in its resources and committed to efficient service.

As the guardian of the historical memory of all Canadian Jesuits, the Archive brings life to the past. It encourages and, in keeping with the Jesuit way of proceeding, stimulates free research and collaborative work among scholars, professionals and students. It fosters the preparation of publications and exhibitions which lead to a better understanding of Jesuit identity and of the Society’s cultural and spiritual patrimony.