Policy on Application for Research


The resources of the Jesuit Archive in Canada are available to all researchers who are interested in the collections that are kept there.


Every one wishing to consult the archives must state the reason for doing so in a written request on a form provided by the Archive. Requests by telephone or verbal communication are not considered. The proper form is available electronically on the website of the AJC at www.jesuites.org/archives.htm in French and in English. It is also available on paper at the Archive. Once the form is completed, it may be left at the Archive, or sent by mail or again by fax or E-mail.

Requests from a distance (by telephone or E-mail)

A request for factual information will be dealt with by the staff as soon as possible. If it is one that requires several hours of research, there may be delays and expenses incurred. Once this is settled, the archivists will report the finding to the researcher.

Research requiring a visit to the Archive

When a search for information requires an examination of the documents directly, the researchers, after approval, will be invited to the Archive. The staff must be given the time to find the requested materials. Once the Request form has been completed, the researcher will be bound by the rules of the Reading Room.