Paulin list


The Paulin List is Coming Back Soon. An updated and revised list will be posted here. Significant changes to the list will reflect the 2019 administrative restructuring of the Jesuits of Canada / Jésuites du Canada.

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This is a catalogue of biographical data on all those Jesuits who died in the Society after working in Canada since the coming of Fathers Pierre Biard and Ennemond Massé in 1611. As of july 12 2013, there are 1906 in alphabetical order from Lawrence Chandler Abello to Theodore Zuydwijk.

On each one of them there is data on 11 items: names and forenames, the grade in the Society, the date and place of birth, the date of entrance, the number of years in the Society, the date of Ordination, the age, date and places of death and burial. There is a small proportion of that data that has proved impossible to find; but there are some data at least for every one. 41,932 items have been researched and verified.

It is from work he was asked to do in the late 1990s on the care of the graves in the cemetery at St-Jérôme that Brother Camille Paulin became interested in the biographical data. It was in early 2010 that he began collecting data onto his computer and mid-2011 that Jacques Monet joined him to help with the research.


To help the reader the data have been collected in columns.

-  The grade in the society : “P”, pater, father, “F”, frater, brother.

-  The names and forenames : NOMEN, COGNOMEN.

-  The date and place of birth : NATIVAS, LOCUS.

-  The dates of entry : INGRESSUS.

-  Number of years in the Society : CIE.

-  The date of Ordination to the priesthood : ORDINATIO.

-  The age, date, and place of death : aet, OBITUS, LOCUS; as well as place of burial : INHUMATIO.

-  A slash (“/”) which follows the place of death indicates the place of burial, when it is elsewhere than the place of death.

-  The asterisks after a name indicate inclusion in the volumes of the Dictionary of Jesuit Biography  vol.1, 1991; vol.2, 2007; vol.3, 2018.