Document reproduction policy


Access and acknowledgement
Authorization from the authorities of the Archive must be obtained before any document is reproduced. It will be granted on the basis of the nature and state of the document, its age, condition, and frailty. All reproduction is bound by current legislation in Quebec and in Canada regarding authors’ and editors’ copyright over artistic and intellectual property. This applies not only to Archival Collections but to all books in the Archive’s library.

The authorization also implies the obligation to acknowledge the source and the terms of use for every document reproduced. At least, the researcher must indicate the following: AJC; then the title and archival reference number both of the collection and of each document.

Conditions for usage and related costs
The Jesuit Archive in Canada allows reproduction of documents exclusively for purposes of study and research. They must not be put to any other use —such as publication — without express and written permission from the AJC in a document signed by both the user and an authorized representative of the Archive. The researcher is also responsible for all costs arising from any and every reproduction, especially those for commercial purposes.