A Jesuit Bibliography


For more information on the history and contribution of the Jesuit Order, particularly in Canada,the following works could be consulted.

  • 1. J. C. H. Aveling, The Jesuits, London, Blond and Briggs, 1991 (or New York, Stein and Day, 1992)
    A substantial piece of original research, Aveling’s book makes for compelling and entertaining reading.
  • 2. William V. Bangert, s.j., A History of the Society of Jesus, St. Louis, Institute of Jesuit Sources, 1986, 558 pp.
    A thoroughly researched and very detailed history of the Order, it is used as a textbook in most faculties where Jesuit or Church history is taught in the English-speaking world.
  •  3. Diane Bordeleau-Pépin, Les Compagnons jésuites en Nouvelle-France, Montréal, Éditions du Long Sault, 2006, 164 pp.
    A brief illustrated overview of the Jesuit contribution to the culture and history of New France.
  •  4. Dictionary of Jesuit Biography. Ministry to English Canada, Toronto, Canadian Institute of Jesuit Studies, vol. I: 1842-1987, 363 pp., 1991; Vol II: 1988-2006, 361 pp, 2006.
    Researched and written by a team of Jesuit historians, these biographies tell of 469 Jesuits who worked in Canada in English for at least three years before their death in the Society.
  • 5. Gilles Chaussé, s.j., Les Jésuites et le Canada français, (1842-1992), Montréal, 1992.
    This brochure by the late Dr. Gilles Chaussé, s.j., is a wonderfully organized summary of French Canadian ministry during the first 150 years since the Society’s return to Canada.
  •  6. Joseph B. Gavin, SJ, From « Le petit collège de bois » to 7272 Sherbrooke Street West. A Brief History of Loyola High School, Montreal,[???]
    A lively, entertaining and copiously illustrated account of the history of Loyola High School, Montreal. It is based on original research by one of Canada’s leading Jesuit historians, Joseph B. Gavin.
  • 7. Jean Lacouture, Jesuits : A Multibiography, Washington, D.C. : Counterpoint Press, 1997.
    A condensation and translation of the French two volume work by the well-known biographer, this version lives up to the original.
  •  8. François Lebrun et Elizabeth Antébi, Les Jésuites ou la Gloire de Dieu, Paris, Stock-Antébi, 1990, 239 pp.
    This 239-page album gives a panoramic view of Jesuit history from the birth of St. Ignatius to the present.
  •  9. Édouard Lecompte, s.j., Les jésuites du Canada au XIXe siècle, Montréal, Imprimerie du Messager, vol I : 1842-1872, 1920.
    Although almost one hundred years old Fr. Lecompte’s history of the Jesuits’ Canadian ministry after their return in 1842 remains the only complete account.
  •  10. Douglas Letson and Michael Higgins, The Jesuit Mystique, London: HarperCollins, 1995; Chicago, Loyola University Press, 1995.
    Two distinguished Canadian scholars seek to explain the highs and lows of Jesuit ministry throughout their history. It holds many Canadian references.
  • 11. Alain Woodrow, The Jesuits: A Story of Power,  London, New York, Geoffrey Chapman, 1995.
    A well-thought-through analysis of Jesuit history and influence from the foundation in 1540 to the present day.
  • 12. Thomas Worcester (ed.), The Cambridge Companion to the Jesuits, Cambridge University Press, 2008, 374 pp.
    This is a collection of eighteen essays by as many leading scholars of Jesuit history from seven countries, including two from Canada.
  •  13. Jonathan Wright, The Jesuits: Missions, Myths, and Histories, London, Harper Perennial, 2005, 337 pp. [The English Edition is titled: God’s Soldiers.]
    A very entertainingly written and thoroughly documented account of the Jesuit contribution to modern Church history. It is a pleasure to read.